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Ron Naveen is the founder and CEO of Oceanites, Inc. and has been working in Antarctica for over 30 years — what amounts to more than six years in real time. He manages Oceanites’ 25- year old Antarctic Site Inventory project and represents Oceanites as an independent, expert observer at annual Antarctic fishing meetings.

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As parents, we want the best for our kids.  We want to  raise a generation that will protect and preserve our environment and instill those same values in generations to come. Luckily this is easier and more fun than ever before with our new, free, e-book: Ron Counts Penguins.

Ron Counts Penguins follows our hero, Ron, as he journeys to Antarctica to study penguins and the impact that climate change is having on them.


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About Oceanites, Inc.

Oceanites is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded by Ron Naveen in 1987. Our mission is to utilize the power of science, policy, and education programs to monitor and assess penguins, the Southern Ocean ecosystem, and our fragile, changing planet. We provide scientific data & recommendations for the conservation of Antarctica utilizing penguins to help understand the impact of climate change.

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