Oceanites is a nonprofit science and educational organization founded in 1987. For more than two decades Oceanites has been the only publicly supported non-profit Antarctic research program in the world. (Our Mission) Donate Now

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What We Do

Antarctic Site Inventory

The Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) is long-term project in which Oceanites monitors and maintains a comprehensive database of penguin population changes across the entirety of the Antarctic Peninsula. Through the ASI, Oceanites has conducted more than 25 years of expeditions, with more than 2,100 census visits to more than 235 locations in the Antarctic Peninsula. Your support ensures that the ASI continues well into the future.


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Antarctic Continent-Wide Penguin Database (MAPPPD)

Our ASI data are entered into our continent-wide Antarctic penguin database called MAPPPD (Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics) and associated with data from other Antarctic researchers, creating the most comprehensive, publicly available database on Antarctic penguin populations. MAPPPD represents the single, best source of all Antarctic penguin data and is relied upon by all Antarctic Treaty nations, stakeholders, and environmental NGOs in fashioning appropriate conservation measures. Your support ensures that Oceanites continues to sustain and maintain this crucial, freely available database.

Climate Outreach and Analyses

Bearing witness, first-hand, to significant climate and environmental changes, Oceanites is uniquely qualified to spread the word and to broaden the numbers of people nationally and internationally concerned with our ability to adapt to a warmer future. This includes national television appearances on NBC and PBS, as well as The Penguin Counters documentary. In addition, Oceanites continues its analyses and research examining the direct and interactive effects of climate change and other factors on the Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem. Your support ensures that our important climate outreach and analyses continue.

Stratified Long-Term Antarctic Peninsula Monitoring Plan

As a critical outgrowth of advising Antarctic krill fishers about voluntary buffer zones around penguin colonies, advising Antarctic tour operators about impact-free site visits, and assisting the development of marine protected areas, Oceanites plans to inaugurate a long-term monitoring plan that further assists these objectives. The plan would be to select and monitor penguin colonies in a stratified manner (colonies closest to and farthest away from fishing activities and/or no-take zones) over a long-term period, and make use of the latest techniques for processing remote sensing imagery (for example, from aerial drones). This new effort will reach ‘data gap’ sites that have not been visited (or only rarely visited) and would make more data available for climate analysis. Your support ensures that this long-term monitoring plan is accomplished.

Penguins have survived for 60 million years. They can teach us how to adapt to a changing climate. Like humankind, their critical survival challenges include: Food, Safe Habitat, Health, Procreation

2019 State Of Antarctic Penguins Report

PBS series Warnings from Antarctica featuring Oceanites

PBS podcast series Warnings from Antarctica featuring Oceanites Ron Naveen

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Why We Do It

We are the eyewitness to environmental change in the Antarctic Peninsula. The three species of penguins we study are trying to adapt to a whopping 3˚C / 5˚F temperature rise. We'll soon face similar challenges.

Antarctica and our penguins are incubators foretelling our planet's future. We are the Antarctic truth-tellers championing science-based conservation and increased international awareness about adaptation to a warmer climate.

We’ve been counting penguins and tracking their population changes for a quarter-century.

The messages they’re sending can't be ignored some species of penguins are climate change winners while others are climate change losers.

Climate Change and Adaptation

For them, as for us, it all comes down to having FOOD to eat, a HOME that’s safe to live in, a healthy ENVIRONMENT free of disease, and our ability to produce future generations of CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN.

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These are the same questions we need — and should — be asking ourselves!

Our scientific research fosters increased awareness of climate change adaptation through the lens of penguins and Antarctica. Our view - if penguins have survived for 40-60 million years, their lives offer secrets as to how we might adapt and survive as the warming comes our way.

When analyzing penguin population changes, we ask whether these are caused by changes to their food supply, homes, environment, and/or ability to reproduce.

This should make us wonder:

  • Will we have enough food?
  • Can we avoid fires, floods, mudslides, eroding coastlines, hurricanes, tornadoes, rising sea levels, and earthquakes?
  • Can public health be maintained and will we be prepared for the next pandemic?
  • What will the future look like for the next generation?
  • What do we need to start doing now to ensure survival for our children and grandchildren?

We spread the word about ADAPTATION via:

Where We Do It

  • It all starts with penguins. In Antarctica.
  • Where we’ve made a difference.
  • Ensuring the conservation of Antarctica for future generations.

Since 1994, Oceanites has been monitoring and analyzing penguin and seabird population changes across the vast Antarctic Peninsula where it's warming faster than anywhere else on Earth except the Arctic.


  • We are the world’s only nonprofit, publicly supported Antarctic research program.
  • We are the only project monitoring the entire Antarctic Peninsula region for more than two decades.
  • We maintain the only Antarctic continent-wide penguin database used by all Antarctic researchers (MAPPPD).
  • We publish annual State of Antarctic Penguins reports.
  • We published the 1st Antarctic Travelers Code.
  • We have published numerous, seminal scientific papers.
  • We contribute annual reports to the Treaty’s Committee on Environmental Protection.
  • We are invited, international observers at the Antarctic fishing meetings known as CCAMLR.

We Need Your Help

Help us continue to educate the world based on science and how penguins have been adapting for 40-60 million years.

Invest in our penguins.

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Oceanites, Inc. is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization under US law; donations by US citizens are tax-deductible.

Help us promote a better future for our kids and grandkids.

Because climate change is here!