Our Story

Oceanites, Inc. is a US-based, tax-exempt nonprofit §501(c)(3) organization that has been driving science-based conservation under the Antarctic Treaty for more than two decades — and represents the world’s only non-profit, publicly supported Antarctic research program. Oceanites’ Federal Tax I.D. number is 52-1530218.

Our Mission - Truth-Tellers

Counting penguins on the “front lines” of climate change. Where it’s warmed faster than almost anywhere else — by a whopping 3˚C. / 5˚F. year-round and by 5˚C. / 9˚F. in winter — and where the gentoo penguin population has soared and Adélie and chinstrap populations have dramatically plunged. We’re not policy advocates. We’re truth-tellers and have unique credibility through work and analyses that no one else is doing or attempting. We operate openly and independently, making the best scientific data and information freely and publicly available, and forcing appropriate conservation decisions under the Antarctic Treaty.

Changing a Culture

We’re using our credibility to change the culture of climate change messaging, using penguins to create a new “movement” — a new, more positive, and impactful climate change narrative about whether we’ll be “winners” who’ll adapt when the warming comes our way. Like all creatures, our human future depends on The 4 Vitals — whether and how we, like penguins, will still have a decent home, food to eat, good health, and continue to produce children for generations to come.

This quarter-century on the ‘front lines’ of climate change allows Oceanites to drive worldwide awareness regarding adaptation to climate change impacts.

Oceanites’ Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) is, and has been, the only project monitoring and analyzing penguin and seabird population changes in the vastly warmed Antarctic Peninsula since 1994. The ASI’s 26-year time series of penguin and seabird data is a major, unparalleled contribution that has helped efforts to better understand climate change impacts and assist environmental protection across the entire Antarctic Peninsula.

Over the years, Oceanites has spurred successful efforts to establish both general guidance for all Antarctic visitors and a series of site-specific management guidelines.

Oceanites’ Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD) database launched in October 2016.  It makes publicly available continent-wide Antarctic penguin population data and descriptive information.  MAPPPD now comprises data from over 660 sites across the entire Antarctic continent.

Oceanites draws public attention to climate change, penguins, and Antarctica through its annual State of Antarctic Penguins reports, which are compiled using MAPPPD and summarize the status — population size and population trends — of Antarctica’s penguins.

Critically, Oceanites’ longstanding credibility promotes a better understanding of the singular issue of our time — adaptation — because Antarctica and its penguins are incubators foretelling our planet’s future.

Oceanites uses penguin population trends to focus public attention on climate change ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ — and whether penguins or we humans will have food, a good home, and a healthy environment for children and grandchildren that are necessary to adapt to our warming future.

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