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Oceanites is on the forefront of showing governments and citizens the impacts of climate change that are happening NOW!

For 24 years, we’ve been tracking penguins, wildlife and the environment in Antarctica – and we are unique in doing this.

We are bringing home the messages the receding ice is sending. That climate change is REAL and already taking a toll.

Watch this gorgeous video of NBC’s Harry Smith with our founder, Ron Naveen, in Antarctica.

For 24 years, Oceanites has relied on the funding of governments and charitable trusts, and to a large extent, we still do. But that funding is increasingly harder to come by.

We need your help to continue providing visual, visceral evidence to the world about climate change.

Last Sunday night is a great example. NBC’s Harry Smith helped tell and show key stories from Antarctica to millions of viewers, including:

    • Temperatures have risen 9 degrees – more than any place on earth
    • This past year the sea ice cover was down by over 66,000 square miles
    • The Chinstrap penguins have declined by 50%
    • The Adélie penguins have declined by 70%

Everything we do is based upon on-the-ground research in Antarctica, and travel to and from Antarctica is expensive.

Will you help us show the world that climate change is REAL and is happening NOW?

Will you help us challenge the climate change deniers, especially those creating and abetting false stories, motivated only by greed?