The second aspect of Oceanites’ ongoing science program is the Antarctic continent- wide penguin database MAPPPD (Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected

2020 SOAP Cover

Dynamics), which has become the ‘go to’ repository for all Antarctic penguin data (ours and other researchers’) that every Antarctic stakeholder — from governments to tour operators to krill fishers and NGOs — relies upon.

Oceanites is responsible for maintaining MAPPPD and it is the reference for our annual State of Antarctic Penguins (SOAP) reports.

Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD) is an open access decision support tool that The Lynch Lab, Stony Brook University, and the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) designed specifically for Oceanites as a one-stop shop for information on penguins in the Antarctic.

MAPPPD’s mission is to integrate expert biological field surveys, satellite and drone imagery analyses, and citizen science to provide the most comprehensive, publicly available database regarding the distribution and abundance of Antarctic penguin populations. MAPPPD’s goals are to: assist and ensure that conservation management decisions in the Antarctic Treaty system are based upon the best and most currently available scientific data and information; and provide a database that is easy to access and use, and freely open, accessible, and available to scientists, governments, managers, Antarctic stakeholders (fishing, tourism, environmental), and the general public.

MAPPPD Website

Oceanites’ 2020 State of Antarctic Penguins report describes an overall Antarctic penguin population that is down six percent compared to 2019, with 5.8 million breeding pairs nesting at 698 sites across the entire Antarctic continent. Over the last year, chinstrap penguins have declined by 11%, Adélie penguins by 5%. Oceanites’ MAPPPD database and SOAP reports necessarily will be the underpinnings for future conservation measures the Treaty nations may adopt.

State of Antarctic Penguins Reports (SOAP)