Personnel & Scientific Colleagues

Oceanites, Inc.

Ron Naveen is the president of Oceanites, which he founded in 1987. He, Allan Borut, Lois Ingram, and Mark Epstein presently serve on Oceanites’ Board of Directors. David Lippy serves as a senior adviser to Oceanites. The Board is in the process of expanding and an Advisory Committee to the Board will be added in 2017.

Principal Scientific Collaborators

Dr. Heather J. Lynch
Stony Brook University (NY, USA)

Dr. Grant Humphries, MAPPPD Data Manager
Black Bawks Data Science (Scotland, UK)

Dr. Tom Hart
University of Oxford / Penguin Lifelines (UK)

MAPPPD External Advisory Board

Dr. Heather Lynch (US), Chair
Dr. Grant Humphries (UK)
Dr. Phil Trathan (UK)
Dr. Jefferson Hinke (US)
Dr. Mark Hindell (Australia)
Dr. Akinori Takahashi (Japan)

Antarctic Site Inventory: Penguin Counters, 2016-17

Ron Naveen
Heather Lynch
Steve Forrest
Melissa Rider
Michael Schrimpf
Catherine Foley
Casey Youngflesh
Maureen Lynch
Cecilia O’Leary
Bento Goncalvez
Alex Borowicz
Amanda Lynnes