At two of the most remote locations on Earth — Zavodoski Island and Bristol Island in the far south Atlantic Ocean, a recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake and volcanic eruptions are potentially affecting one-half of the world’s entire population of chinstrap penguins (Pygoscelis Antarctica). Zavodoski and Bristol islands are part of the South Sandwich Island chain, […]

Help us Kickstart THE PENGUIN COUNTERS documentary . . .

To ALL our Friends and Supporters: I’m very excited to share news that the KICKSTARTER campaign for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film about Oceanites and the Antarctic Site Inventory has just launched! Here’s the link: Harriet, Peter, and their entire team at Getzels Gordon Productions have done an amazing job getting the KICKSTARTER campaign going, the […]

THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film, check it out!

For World Penguin Day,  check out Getzels Gordon Productions’ clip from THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film about our Antarctic Site Inventory project, what penguins have to tell us about strategies for survival, and how they’ve become our ‘canaries in the coal mine’ regarding climate change. A crowdsourcing campaign will soon launch to complete the film.

Conserving Antarctica for Future Generations . . .

Adélie penguin and chinstrap penguin populations are declining significantly, while gentoo penguin numbers are rising exponentially . . .  Why? Ron Naveen, principal investigator of the Antarctic Site Inventory, explains how the project is monitoring and analyzing changes in the vastly warming, Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem. [wpvideo bdJQMCBa]

The “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” Movie Channel‬‏

PoppersPenguinsMovies Channel‬‏ OK  . . . great to see gentoo penguins getting some HUGE attention in this new movie, especially since their population increase in the Antarctic Peninsula (vis-à-vis the decline of both Adélie and chinstrap penguins) is a key factor in understanding better (and more precisely) how and why changes are occurring in the […]

Counting Penguins: Oceanites

As the world experiences unprecedented drought, floods, extreme heat, rising sea levels, wildfires and the threat of extinction a small group of scientist have been measuring the effects of climate change one penguin at a time.
Follow their day-to-day activities and discover their alarming findings while they count penguins on the frontlines of climate change, in Antarctica.