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Oceanites State Of Antarctic Penguin 2017

Worldwide Media Coverage for Oceanites’ State of Antarctic Penguins 2017 Report

This week media all over the world picked up Oceanites’ State of the Antarctic Penguins 2017 (SOAP) Report. Coverage included the following: There are 12 million penguins in Antarctica. This researcher says that’s not nearly enough – Extensive interview feature with Oceanites’ Ron Naveen on State Of Antarctic Penguins report posted April 25, 2017 (World Penguin […]

Antarctica’s Cracking Larsen C Ice Shelf . . .

As we’ve covered news of the growing crack in Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf a number of times in recent months, it seems worth providing an update here. While the enormous (probably more than 5,000 km²) soon-to-be iceberg has yet to actually calve, researchers from the British Antarctic Survey recently captured a video of the ice […]