To date, Oceanites has achieved much:

  • Publishes annual State of Antarctic Penguins (SOAP) reports describing changes in Antarctic penguin populations
  • Published the first Antarctic Traveler’s Code, which became the model for visitors’ guidance adopted by Antarctic Treaty countries that now pertains to all Antarctic visitors
  • Operates and maintains the seminal Antarctic Site Inventory project (ASI), which, since 1994 and for 27 consecutive field seasons, has singularly been monitoring the entirety of the vastly warmed Antarctic Peninsula
  • Maintains the Antarctic continent-wide penguin database known as MAPPPD (Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics), which has become the ‘go to’ repository for all Antarctic penguin data, and is relied upon by all Antarctic scientists and researchers examining climate change vs. human impacts in the Antarctic
  • As requested by the UK government, drafted the first ten site visitor guidelines adopted by Antarctic Treaty countries, which have served as the models for what are now more than 40 such guidelines used by all Antarctic visitors
  • Has published two editions of The Oceanites Site Guide to the Antarctic Peninsula and three editions of the Antarctic Peninsula Compendium,describingthe Antarctic Site Inventory and the particulars of various visitor sites.
  • Spreading climate awareness through distribution of the children’s e-book Ron Counts Penguins classroom webinars, zoo and aquarium appearances (e.g., Cincinnati, Baltimore, St. Louis), as well as public programs (e.g., Library of Congress Young Reader’s Program).