Help us Kickstart THE PENGUIN COUNTERS documentary . . .

1240230_355159884617770_1376517663_nTo ALL our Friends and Supporters:

I’m very excited to share news that the KICKSTARTER campaign for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film about Oceanites and the Antarctic Site Inventory has just launched!

Here’s the link:

Harriet, Peter, and their entire team at Getzels Gordon Productions have done an amazing job getting the KICKSTARTER campaign going, the film clip you’ll see is a harbinger of the over-the-top, fabulous footage they’ll be using, and I’d be enormously grateful for your spreading the word about the campaign as widely and vigorously as you can.

The campaign seeks funding for a festival-ready cut of the film, which, ultimately, is intended for broadcast worldwide.

Importantly, ALL donations count – small, medium, or large – and obviously, all of us connected with the film hope you’ll be able to assist, as possible. Thanks!

Also, please check out the official website for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS:

And THE PENGUIN COUNTERS page on Facebook:

Once again, really appreciate your help moving this campaign forward.

More to come, all best