The new, 3rd edition of Oceanites’ ANTARCTIC PENINSULA COMPENDIUM has been completed . . .

The 3rd edition of the Antarctic Site Compendium by Antarctic Site Inventory co-principal investigators Ron Naveen and Dr. Heather Lynch has been completed and, shortly, will be available for download via the Oceanites website: As well, arrangements are being finalized for softcover versions of the new Compendium to be available for online, “on demand” purchase, with details are expected to be announced within the next 7-10 days.

This revision updates the 2nd edition of the Compendium of Antarctic Peninsula Visitor Sites to cover the 142 sites that have been visited and censused by Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) researchers in 17 field seasons from November 1994 through February 2011 — an increase in coverage by 60 sites. These 142 locations include sites that are regularly visited by tourists or other visitors, sites with historic census data, national research stations, sites within Antarctic Specially Managed Areas (ASMAs), and a few Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs) that are off-limits to tourists that ASI researchers have visited pursuant to appropriate permits under the U.S. Antarctic Conservation Act.

This new edition revises Antarctic Peninsula regional maps, updates site-specific species presence/absence information, and summarizes recent ASI census data for each site (with brief comments, as appropriate, whether populations are increasing or decreasing). Previous site descriptions have been updated and, as well, this 3rd edition incorporates all site-specific visitation guidelines in the Antarctic Peninsula adopted by Antarctic Treaty countries through the 2010 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting. Appropriate notice appears in descriptions of “off limits” sites to help ensure that ASPA and ASMA boundaries are not encroached, and that advance notice needs to be provided to stations before visiting.

Critically, data from all of these sites assist ASI analyses presently underway to assess the drivers of change in the vastly warming Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem, where it is warming faster — or as fast — as any other location on Earth. Because of the comprehensive spatial and temporal nature of ongoing ASI analyses, as well as recognizing that the Compendium assists everyone who’s connected with or interested in the Antarctic Treaty system — from scientists and diplomats to tourism operators, their expedition staff, and environmentalists, this 3rd edition has been retitled the Antarctic Site Compendium.